صورة شخصية_1 - محمد جبران

Muhammad Ali Harb Jubran


A Yemeni researcher, obtained a Ph.D. in Islamic studies from Assiut University (2005). He is a Professor at Hadhramaut University and obtained a professorship in (2017). He published more than (25) work papers, most of which are on the principles of jurisprudence and its contemporary and non-contemporary jurisprudence practices, and the legitimate politics. He supervised more than (40) theses, including seven on contemporary jurisprudential issues and refereed journals and academic promotions for more than (50) research. He was the head of the department of Islamic Studies (2009_2012), Deputy Dean of the College of Education, and chairperson of Al-Mahra Journal of Human Sciences (Refereed). He worked at Asmarya University in Libya and the Libyan Academy branch in Misurata from (2012-2017).

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