ناصر الطويل

Nasser Al-Taweel


  1. A researcher and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, Sana’a University. He obtained a master’s degree in Islamic movements, and a Ph.D. in future studies. He authored the books “The Islamic Movement and the Political System in Yemen: From Alliance to Competition (2009)”, “The future of Islamic movements in light of the current developments of the Arab Spring revolutions (2014)”, “The Impact of Methodological Dimensions on the Scientific and Societal Outcome of Arab Future Studies, (2016)” and “The Political Regime in the Republic of Yemen (Historical Development, Structure, Interactions and Processes) (2020)”. He was an Editing Secretary of the Journal of the College of Commerce and Economics (bi-annual refereed journal) and a managing editor of the Yemeni strategic report and Shu’oon Al-Asr journal published by the Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies.
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